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Among the most active Phoenix Sister Cities programme is the Municipal and Technical Cooperation one. In international exchange involving city to city, the sharing of information on local government is a both popular and highly beneficial to all parties.

A few of the many municipal and technical exchanges the Phoenix Sister Cities has organized include training presentations for police and fire delegations from Hermosillo, Mexico and Chengdu, China; training programs for human resource managers from Chengdu; the exchange of gardeners between the City of Phoenix Parks, Recreation and Library Department and their counterparts in Himeji; and the sharing of information and expertise between the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department and its counterparts in many of Phoenix’s sister cities.

Municipal and Technical cooperation is not limited to the public sector. Many technical exchanges have taken place in the private sector, including workshops on clinical issues and an adaptive recreation workshop for people with disabilities conducted with Hermosillo. Another example is a seminar on accessible building construction for architects from Phoenix and Hermosillo.

Adults with a four-year degree may travel to Himeji, Japan for a one-year Phoenix Sister Cities Teach Abroad Program. A sense of adventure is required, but facility with the Japanese language is not! This is a unique international employment opportunity, and all college majors are welcome to apply.

Phoenix Sister Cities in cooperation with our Sister Cities in Himeji, Japan is seeking applicants for assistant language teachers during the September 2010- August 2011 school year. This program caters to individuals with or without teaching experience who enjoy a structured school environment.