Arts, Sports & Culture

For over 20 years Ennis and Phoenix, as Sister Cities, have been engaged in numerous projects that have primarily focused on educational, artistic and cultural exchanges.

These projects, which have included the reciprocal exchange of teachers, students, professionals and technical personnel, have contributed to the cultural enrichment of both communities.

• Youth Ambassador Exchange Programme

• Young Artists & Authors

• Disability Awareness

• Internship Programme

• Phoenix Choirs & Entertainers

• Teach Abroad

• History Teacher Exchange

• Sport Exchange

• WorldFest & Fayre Profiling

• Technology and Information Age

• Business, Enterprise and Tourism

While educational, technical and cultural exchanges with Phoenix are a vital component of our programme and, hopefully, a significant contribution to the quality of life in Phoenix and Ennis, it is equally important that our Sister City relationship, open the doors to business and trade.

The Ennis – Phoenix Sister City program can and should play a role in this process. The importance of cross cultural understanding and partnership building to the success of global trade and the ability to open markets to the business community cannot be understated.

• Public Private Sector Co-Operation

• Business to Business

• Tourism: Golf, Heritage, Outdoor Activities

In Phoenix an Economic Relations Committee or ERC promotes Phoenix, Phoenix Sister Cities and new business relationships that educate local businesses on international trends and practices while strengthening the economic ties that bind Phoenix to the progressive global economy.

The ERC helps Phoenix Sister Cities with economic planning, financial goals, and constant review and development of economic relations criteria for evaluation of current and future sister city relationships. The ERC seeks to support local businesses by holding talks and seminars to share information about the Global Markets

Economic studies have been prepared for each sister city and are available to members of Phoenix Sister Cities.