Ennis Visit Remembered

Hello to friends that were at the party last night and those that could not make it, both far and near. What an amazing group of friends that have formed because of our shared experience of the fantastic trip to Ennis.

I know I could not have possibly mentioned all the too numerous to count ways that you all gave of yourselves for this trip but I do feel like saying a couple things that may have not been emphasized enough last night.

Firstly, the chaperones were the BEST chaperones a teacher could ever imagine and gave of themselves in so many ways for a year, including Rey and Trish Servin who were traveling with us as alumni band member and spouse but really ended up as 2 more outstanding full-time chaperones! Also Mary Lou Moreno and Becky Quintero who threw themselves into the fundraising efforts with abundant time and vigor and Sylvia Gutierrez who nursed our students back to health after they succumbed to one of the illnesses traveling with in the band! 

Secondly, so many people provided great silent auction items like Barb Beringer’s many beautiful handmade scarves, Jim and Betty Sanford’s beautiful necklace, Tina and Danny Esparza’s fabulous gift baskets and so much more by many people. And lastly, my husband Mark Mellis provided more than the moral and mental support for me that I mentioned last night. He also provided much of the stunning professional publications, fliers, thank you cards, photos, etc, etc. related to the band’s trip…I think I’ll keep him :)

Ireland friends, please pass this email on to Ruth, Susan  and others who’s emails could not be found by me today. Thank you!

Last night felt like the perfect way to bring this chapter of our mutual journey to a closing. The memories and friendships will last a lifetime!

Until we meet again!