The Other Clare Goes On Display in Phoenix

During his recent visit to Clare, Phoenix Councilman, Claude Mattox accepted a set (Vol 1 to Vol 33) of “The Other Clare”, on behalf of the Irish Cultural Center, Phoenix, Arizona from T J Waters, Chairman of Ennis Phoenix Twinning Board.

The Other Clare” is the Journal of the Shannon Archaeological and Historical Society and has been published annually since 1977.  The set was presented to the Irish Cultural Center to mark the 20th anniversary of the Ennis Phoenix twinning and will go on display at the new library at the Cultural Center in Downtown Phoenix when its opens its doors shortly.

At the presentation, T J Waters, Chairman of the Ennis Phoenix Twinning Board said that “In celebrating our 20th anniversary we are also celebrating ties which have been forged by the large scale emigration from Ireland to America and the contribution made in every field by the Irish in America.  This Irish-American connection has a long and strong future and of course the Irish have a relationship of intimacy with American people that is certain to maintain and enhance that connection” he added.

Mr Waters went on to say “At a time when opportunities were denied to them at home, America provided a road to material progress to millions of Irishmen and women.  Here they could develop as far as their abilities would take them.”  He said “At the same time their achievements in their new homes provided a source of inspiration to those who stayed in Ireland, clear proof of what they themselves could achieve in freedom.” “The Other Clare is an outstanding collection and is a powerful link with the past for the descendents of those Irish men and women” he added.

In reply Councilman Mattox thanked the people of Ennis for their most generous gift.  He went on to add that “The Other Clare” is wonderful and welcome addition to the new library which will be treasured by all who visit the Cultural Center”.  “It will provide future generations with a rich insight of the ups and downs of Irish history, a knowledge and appreciation of Irish archaeology and a greater understanding of the lifestyles of the Irish in bygone days” he added.

On his return to Phoenix, Councilman Mattox presented the “The Other Clare” at the Irish Cultural Center Board of Trustees luncheon, to the Library