2010 Arizona Rose in Clare

Ennis Phoenix Twinning Board will host a welcome presentation at 4 p.m. on today Friday 13 August at the Ennis Town Council offices in Waterpark House for Danielle McBurnett, a finalist in this year’s Rose of Tralee competition.

The Mayor of Ennis will formally welcome Danielle to the Ennis and wish her well in her quest to become the 2010 Rose of Tralee.

Danielle, who is from Phoenix, Arizona, is accompanied by Ann Niemann, Chair of the Az. Rose Selection Committee.

While in Ennis Danielle will visit the grave at Drumcliff Cemetery of Delia  and Garcia Stokes’ baby, Nicholas Stokes, who died when the couple were on a visit to the Cliffs of Moher.  On their return to Phoenix, Delia and Garcia raised 80,000 dollars for the new first aid centre at the Cliffs – which is now called the Nicholas Room, in appreciation of the care and support they received while in Co Clare following their tragedy.

Following the welcome reception Danielle will present an award to Jessica Keegan (from Ennis) who won the 3rd prize in the Phoenix Sister Cities’ Disability Awareness International Competition for Writers with Disabilities.  She will then launch the new Ballymorris Pottery range which has been created by designer Hannah Arnup for the Irish Shop in Lower Market Street.

Danielle works as a registered nurse at the Arizona State University Center for Improving Health Outcomes in Children, Teens and Families, whilst pursuing a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree in order to become a paediatric nurse practitioner.   She was the youngest registered nurse in the state of Arizona at the age of 17, was the recipient of various scholarships and of the Outstanding Representative of Community Involvement Award, as well as receiving recognition from Barack Obama as a featured student at Arizona State University.

In 1988 Ennis was twinned with and began its Sister City relationship with Phoenix, Arizona at the instigation of some Ennis and Clare natives who were resident in Phoenix at that time.

Ennis is one of 10 cities around the world with whom Phoenix has formalised a Sister City relationship – these cities are; Calgary in Canada, Catania in Italy, Chengdu in China, Grenoble in France, Himeji in Japan, Prague in the Czech Republic, Ramat-Gan in Israel, Taipei in Taiwan and Hermosillo in Mexico.  In this context Ennis, which twinned with Phoenix in 1988, is a small player with a population of 25,000 people from the west of Ireland – but is more than capable of holding its place as a progressive and active participant in the Phoenix Sister Cities portfolio.

Each Sister City is supported by a network of people who are committed to the goals and objectives of the programme.  Here in Ennis this work is carried out by the Ennis Phoenix Twinning Board, a committee of volunteers drawn from Ennis Town Council, Ennis Chamber of Commerce and local interest groups.

Sister Cities agree to send and receive delegations of various types, including political and business leaders, arts and cultural representatives, educators and technical experts,  because it believes these exchanges promote cross-cultural understanding, municipal and technical cooperation and business opportunities.

The Ennis Phoenix Twinning Board aims to create and nourish people-to-people relationships between Phoenix and Ennis through a variety of educational, cultural, commercial, cooperative, and disabilities awareness programmes.

The Board is also committed to promoting global understanding and appreciation on a continuing, long-term basis by endeavouring to create opportunities and international partnerships for the citizens, businesses and organizations in Ennis.

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