Leonard Mors Bell

An Attorney and Friend to Many

Leonard Mors Bell was born on 4 September, 1941 in Chicago,Illinois and passed away in Scottsdale on 13 December 2009.  Along with his mother Mary, father Paul, and brother Dale, he moved to Arizona in 1950.  After graduating from Arizona State University in 1964, he went on to study law at the University of Arizona, where he graduated in 1967.

In 1969, Leonard met his future bride, Mary Baker, a young Irish woman from Crusheen, Co. Clare.  Mary was employed at Dromoland Castle but had travelled to Arizona for the winter season to work at the Casa Blanca Hotel where she met Leonard.  After a brief courtship, they were married in 1970 in Crusheen.  Leonard and Mary settled in Shannon where they built and ran the Bellsfort pub at Lemanagh More, Newmarket on Fergus.  In 1978 the family moved back to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Leonard had a rich and varied legal career that focused on real estate.  It began with work for the Arizona Attorney General in property tax appeals involving the largest utilities in the state.  A number of reported appellate decisions secured Leonard’s place in Arizona legal history.  He was an expert in appeals and an expert in Eminent Domain Law – Condemnation.  For the last eight years, he maintained a partnership in Phoenix, Martin & Bell, where he continued to emphasize property owner rights.

When Ennis twinned, as a sister city, with Phoenix in 1988 Leonard was a major driving force in ensuring that Ennis became an integral part of this powerful global network anchored in formal city-to-city agreements.  Leonard hoped that Ennis, as one of 10 Phoenix sister cities strategically positioned throughout the world, would be able to translate this position into long-term relationships that give Ennis international access, opportunities and resources.

He and Mary were to the forefront with advice, guidance and counsel for the many Ennis delegates who visited Phoenix over the past 22 years.  Their home was open to all and their hospitality renown – and availed of by many.

Leonard’s home away from home was in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, where he and Mary cherished their time and made several close friendships.  In 2006, he was diagnosed with Leukaemia and underwent a bone marrow transplant. Though successful, he had his share of complications, most of which he overcame. Despite this lingering illness that limited his working life in the last few years, his clients continued to call daily concerned about his condition and missing his sage advice.

Leonard was a friend to many, a soccer coach to hundreds and a bartender to thousands.  Leonard is survived by his wife Mary, his sons Paul and Robert, his daughter Cristin Duerinckx and his grandchildren Carmen Duerinckx and Benjamin Duerinckx.


Leonard Mors Bell: born 4 September 1941; died 13 December 2009